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The Family Law

Show Description

“Some of the best sequences in Australian comedy. Terrifically executed.” – The Guardian.

Welcome to The Family Law, the story of a sprawling Chinese-Australian family of seven who are unlike any you’ve ever met. And yet, they may also be disturbingly familiar…

The Family Law is a 6 x 30 minute comedy series set on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast over one hot summer. We follow 14-year-old Benjamin Law – slightly self-obsessed, clarinet-playing middle child – with aspirations to be a TV star as he strives for mainstream stardom whilst trying to stop his parents, Jenny and Danny, from splitting up, usually with disastrous results. As the summer progresses, tensions between family members build and occasions that should be cause for celebration become memories they’ll never forget.

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Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, with strong traces of wrongness, The Family Law is a new spin on the family comedy. This is a show about sabotaged expectations, growing pains, finding your place in the world and the strange combination of affection and embarrassment we often feel towards the people we’re supposed to love the most: our family.

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