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Teachers Season 2

Show Description

The jaded and inappropriate elementary school teachers are back with a vengeance for more outrageous debauchery! The new school term kicks off with flying colours – Ms Watson develops a strange attraction to a life-size male doll, Ms Snap is slut-shamed by the faculty while running to represent the school on the board, Mrs Adler counsels her students on “stranger danger” but takes things a bit too far…While these ladies are just settling in, a tornado hits the school and the teachers panic, putting themselves and their students in danger. Will the sextet be able to get their sh*t together and make the grade? Tune in to find out!

Haley Joel Osment, Coolio, Ryan Hansen and Jessica St Clair guest stars in Season 2.

Meet the Teachers 

Ms. Snap 
“If you have bangs, you have to sit in the back. I just can’t.”
An extremely narcissistic teacher who is judge-y, quick to anger and still wants to be a sexpot.

Ms. Feldman 
“Where Ms. Feldman goes, there are no rules.”
A perpetually unprepared teacher whose classes are frequently out of control and she just rolls with it until the bell rings.

Mrs Adler 
“The one rule of my class is no bullying. Because if you do, I will destroy you.”
An antisocial, often angry teacher with a potty mouth and is very keen on preventing kids from making fun of each other.

Ms. Cannon
“The No. 1 rule in my class is to question authority. Which makes enforcing the other rules difficult.”
A very liberal art teacher who is earthy-crunchy, into political activism and being open to all ideas, no matter how bad.

Ms. Watson 
“You can say really harsh things as long as you say them sweetly.”
A hopeless romantic and an over-sharer who is constantly looking for companionship.

Ms. Bennigan 
“I think the best teachers teach in parables. And wear robes and sandals. And are Jesus.”
An extremely religious and prudish teacher with a strong desire to be liked and avoids talking about icky things like body parts.

Find out what kind of teacher you would be – take part in the quiz here!

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