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Ronny Chieng: International Student

Show Description

International Student is the hilarious story of Ronny Chieng (from The Daily Show), a Malaysian student in Australia studying law – all he has to do is to get good grades, make his parents proud and not knock up anyone. Seems easy enough… right? As Ronny settles into university life, the quiet atmosphere at International House is obliterated by the arrival of a brash, bombastic American exchange student, who transforms the dorm into a 24-hour frat party. Ignoring the small fact that  making friends is not part of the curriculum, said exchange student finds himself at odds with the rest of the Asian students at the House. Adding to Ronny’s woes is his relationship with his (Asian) mom, which veers between affection and agitation. Prepare to laugh out loud as Ronny navigates the social politics in college, banking on the typical school and family stereotypes that we are all too familiar with while growing up.

Premieres 22 Nov
8.25PM (WIB)
9.25PM (SG, MAL, PH, HK, TW)

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