7 Steps To Lip Sync Like A Pro!
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August 27, 2015


Written by Sofiana Ramli

Lip-sync battles are everywhere these days.

You’ve got celebrities fake-belting out to songs like “Let it Go” on talk shows to countless lip-sync challenges all over social media, including that very memorable (which is turning to be very charitable too) Dubsmash war that went on between Hayley Atwell and the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

But it clearly takes more than just mouthing the words to be a lip-syncing champion.

These seven steps will teach you how you can bring your A-game the next time you’ve been challenged to a lip-sync showdown. Or if you just plan to step up your bedroom lip-syncing performances.

STEP #1: Find the right song for you

The first step to lip-syncing like a pro is to always choose a song that you really like. Whether it’s an upbeat, fast tempo pop song or an emotional and heart-wrenching ballad, make sure the song fits your style. Unless you like a challenge, then pick a song that you already know!

STEP #2: Now practice, practice, practice!

As obvious as it seems, remember that practice makes perfect. No one can lip-sync perfectly to a song the first time but no one wants to fumble their way through the lyrics either. Listening to a song multiple times is not the same as actually knowing the words to the music. Memorise the lyrics and practice in front of mirrors. This will help to make sure that your lips match the words!

STEP #3: Lip-sync it like you mean it

Remembering the song’s lyrics is one thing, but a truly professional lip-syncer will have to be able to feel the music.  Take note of little but important details such as when the singer pauses to breathe, hits a high note, or even when the adlibs come around. If you nail this, then you’ve pretty much nailed everything else.

STEP #4: Choreograph your own dance moves

Now that you’ve gotten all that down to a T, it’s time to bust out your best dance moves. Including some choreography adds extra value to your performance. Just see Anna Kendrick’s performance on Lip Sync Battle.

STEP #5: It’s totally o-kay to exaggerate

It’s a performance after all. Since you’re not actually singing the song, emphasise the words with your lips. It helps to create the illusion that you are really singing the song and that you know the lyrics.

STEP #6: Do it in a group, the more the merrier

This step isn’t mandatory but it’s always more fun to do it with your friends than doing it alone. Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner prove that lip-syncing as a group is way better, and much sillier.

STEP #7: Have fun, it’s not all serious business here!

Even if you make a mistake, don’t sweat it! What matters the most is that you’re having fun with it.

Now, go and start putting these steps to the test and (not) sing your heart out.