Alex Calleja

Alex Calleja is a stand-up comedian, host, movie, TV and radio personality and writer. Having performed stand-up comedy since 2007, his style of comedy blends comical neurosis with comical hilarity.

Listening to Alex perform stand-up comedy, two things happen for sure: you always laugh and you never forget the first time you hear his jokes. He looks at every topic exhaustively until every comedic angle has been squeezed dry. No topic is safe. From the hardships of marriage, to hardships in living in Manila, he finds what is funny and amplifies it with outrageous act outs and all out delivery.

Recent Performances
– Weekly performances in Philippines
– 1 August 2015 – LOL Fest
– 10 September 2015 – Comedy Kao Kao
– 20 September 2015 – Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival

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Instagram – @alexcalleja1007
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