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First and exclusive in Asia! Catch the original short form comedy from the alumni of SNL right here!

Saturday Night Live

SNL celebrates its 40th season milestone with a bang! Don’t miss the episode premieres every Saturday!

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Saturday Night Live Returns!

Missed Chris Pratt’s kick-off as Season 40’s first guest host? Fret not – catch episode replays with music performances by weekly musical guest(s) every Fridays & Saturdays! Every Fri, starting… [More]

South Park Has Arrived In Malaysia!

South Park fans in Malaysia may now enjoy the cult animation comedy series in the comforts of your own home! Simply subscribe to Comedy Central HD (Ch. 609) on HyppTV… [More]

Kings and Queens of Comedy Asia Live In Singapore and Malaysia!

The Comedy Club Asia is thrilled to announce the fifth edition of the Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia. This Made-in-Singapore production promises 3 hours of non-stop laughter from six… [More]

Gig Guide

Oct 2014

Comedy Kampong
Hood Bar @ Bugis+ (5th Level)

A Night of Comedy with Rex Navarrete
Sota Drama Theatre

A Night of Comedy with Rex Navarrete
Sota Drama Theatre